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Nurturing the heart and
mind of happy children

Bedtime Treasures are a series of original bedtime stories each based on a virtuous theme to help build your child’s self-esteem!

Educational and fun, these audio adventure stories teach key lessons and include inspiring and positive affirmations read by children.

Give Your Child the Gift of Success with Bedtime Treasures… 
Studies have shown that people, who regularly nurture themselves with positive, motivational, sky's-the-limit materials, succeed and grow and flourish in their lives.
As adults, we usually stumble upon this truth “late in our years” and try to quickly set out on our journey of nurturing this part of us, while making up for lost time.
Think about how amazing it would have been if your parent had introduced you to this journey early on in your life, as a child.
Imagine where you would be right now… if your parents early on fed you motivational stories and materials? Would things have been different for you along the way?
Now is your opportunity to give your child that opportunity!

Give your children a head-start in life!

Help them start out on a journey that will lead them to become ALL THEY CAN BE!

When you play a Bedtime Treasures recording every night, your child will be excited to go to bed! They will learn that the sky-is-the-limit! That they can be and do anything they can dream of!
Parents like you aim to provide everything that your children deserve. You give them love, appreciation, motivation, and inspiration to help them grow to be happy, healthy and fulfilled individuals. More than anybody else, you as parents are the best source of all the wonderful opportunities your children deserve. And you need a trusted partner to do this.

​Bedtime Treasures came about from a passion to help parents like you who love their children. We are your trusted partner in nurturing your children's inner gifts and talents to help them achieve their true potential. 

Here at Bedtime Treasures, we believe that reading inspiring stories to your children creates a bond between you and your child. This gives them the strength and assurance that you are always there for them and they feel special. Children go through different stages in life. They play and have fun with other children. However, they also feel sad, alone and stressed sometimes especially at an age when they start to socialize. Some situations leave them feeling bad about themselves. And what better way to connect with them than sharing a special time and bond through reading?

Bedtime Treasures takes pride in a great selection of inspiring and motivational stories that children love. Characters come to life as they teach about positive messages and life lessons that can help build your child?s confidence about herself. We have created characters that children can easily connect with and practical life situations that children can easily relate to. This is what children and parents alike, love about our children's bedtime stories - we talk about life.

Give your children the opportunity to unearth the greatest treasures of life and help them get the most out of it. Open the wonderful opportunities to them while they are young. Nurture their minds and hearts through inspirational bed time stories with Bedtime Treasures.

Listen to our audio books and be enthralled with every story in our collection.

  1.         What people are saying

    “Ethan (aged 3) has been asking for the CDs more and more and” sometimes he just wants to hear the affirmations at the end.  He got on the phone with me last night and said: “I’m a hero”.  You guys are changing lives.

    ~Kristy B. – Holly Springs, NC

  2.         What people are saying

    “I have shared your CDs with the owners of the independent drugstore where I work.  They have an 8-year-old boy who loves the stories.  I had a hard time getting them back because he loved to listen to them every night.   My son is just getting to the age where he is enjoying the stories at age 3.”

    ~Michele S. – Mt. Sueur, MN

  3.         What people are saying

    “Once again the artwork is FABULOUS and the sound effects are WONDERFUL.  I was sitting listening and my youngest Johnny came running in when he heard the sound effects and jumped on my lap to listen.”

    ~Veronica B. – Raleigh, NC

  4.         What people are saying

    “My best friend’s toddler Freya loved your Bear story. So much so that she had to buy Freya a cuddly bear, which she now won’t go to bed without. And when she had to have a course of injections, the doctor asked if she was going to be a brave girl, Freya said that she wasn’t going to be a brave girl, she was a big brave bear. So your UK fan club already has a following…”

    ~Cher E.T. – London, UK

When your child wants to hear just one more story… Bedtime Treasures is the answer.

Our commitment to Orphans
Based on the premise that every child deserves to be read a bedtime story. For every ten (10) stories sold we will be donating one (1) Bedtime Treasures CD to an orphanage.

Empower your child’s self-esteem while inspiring positive dreams with Bedtime Treasures!
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